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"I love chips."

—Dave Keuning - chip bag crinkling and chewing directly into mic (via desertnightbloom)
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Diva forever!

I’m not crying

i’ve just got glitter in my eye

I wonder if he saw all those posts and deliberately made the same face so someone would do this?!?!

hahahahaha come on this is brandon flowers we’re talking about

of course he did

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Remember when sweatpants happend. NEVER GETTING OVER THIS.

he’s all red-faced and sweaty and someone call me an ambulance, stat

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i was moderately okay until i scrolled right the way down and almost choked on my own tongue

he knows exactly what he does…damn Mr.Flowers..

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Battle Born art close up

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Happy anniversaryBATTLE BORN" (First release: September 17, 2012) 

"This is what makes the Battle Born era the biggest and best yet. We’ve seen The Killers go through four stages of evolution: the synth-pop themed Hot Fuss (2004) era that saw them burst onto the scene with the legendary ‘Mr Brightside’; the Sam’s Town (2006) era that showed them as a strong rock presence drawing on influences from their edge-of-the-desert hometown of Nevada; and the futuristic and saxophone-laced Day & Age (2008) era that showcased yet another string on The Killers’ bow. Then – after a lengthy absence to concentrate on solo projects – came 2012’s Battle Born, an album that doesn’t appear as full of hits as its predecessors on the surface, but is by far the most polished. This is a testament to how far the band has come, with the ability to headline Wembley a sure sign of making it. When The Killers look back on their time together as a band, they will pin point this as ‘the’ moment and this era as ‘the’ era. Brandon was quick to point this out too, stating in an interview that the Battle Born tour had been “the best tour we’ve ever had.” (

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The Killers (Liverpool, august 2014)

he looks like a majestic giant and i love him

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OH MY GOD YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS (trust me I'm being 10000% honest I never just tell people they are gorgeous) <3333

ASKED BY arcticmonkeystx.

Oh my God! Thank you so much that’s really sweet of you! Nicest thing to wake up to, haha! :*

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What is a bambi blog.
What is soft grunge.
What is soft ghetto.
What is pastel grunge soft ghetto bambi.

brandon flowers

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Some orgasmic moments from Runaways (you can also read it as “my favorite moments of Brandon Flowers” - and Ronnie making those faces again on the 6th and 8th gifs)

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The Killers published a five part ‘Toazted Interview’ today on their YouTube Channel

The interview appears to be with Dave Keuning and was conducted sometime in 2004 in Holland.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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53/100 gifs of Brandon Flowers

…and my eyes don’t recognize you no moreeeeeeee

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i love every last detail of this photo, right down to how the neck of his shirt is wrinkled like it’s been stretched

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