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this is 100% my new favourite photo

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Brandon Flowers by Ture Lillegraven (x)

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14/ 50 Favorite pictures of Brandon Flowers

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the killers

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The Killers @ the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA. October 12, 2007.

dream: the trilogy in a setlist again

The 40 Watt club is literally so tiny and I am beyond jealous of anyone and everyone who was at this show.

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the killers + discography

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Anonymous said : I'm not gonna lie, when you started following my blog awhile back, I totally fan-girled because I love you so much 

Haha aw this is cute! Thank you, that’s nice to know! :3 I’m glad you like my blog enough to fangirl over that haha. I must like your blog too if I follow you so yay!

Anonymous said : what are those gifs of brandon getting injury-makeup done from? 

They’re from his music video for “Crossfire” - one of the singles of his first solo album ‘Flamingo’

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Sam’s Town ♥♥

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